Richard Bull


I am a Senior Research Fellow specialising in visualising energy and sustainability, public engagement and behaviour change. My research interests are currently focused on three successful JISC projects researching 'greening ICT' and a European 'Intelligent Energy' project investigating the effectiveness of communication campaigns and Building Energy Certificates. In 2010 I won my first JISC funded project looking at Greening ICT. 'DUALL' was awarded £70,000 from JISC for 12 months to develop a socio-technical, deliberative approach enabling users of a large-scale, public-sector building to understand the potential for ICT to reduce energy consumption. Key achievements have been the design of an ICT tool that has started to connect building users to their energy consumption. This has resulted in the development of a campus wide website showcasing the energy, gas and water consumption for all DMU buildings. In January 2011 I was Principle Investigator on two new JISC projects under the second round of their Greening ICT call. Greenview is an 8-month 'rapid innovation' project that aims to follow on and build on DUALL. In partnership with DMU's Institute of Creative Technology Greenview aims to refine the ICT tool further into a more sophisticated smart phone application that connects staff and students in De Montfort to the energy consumption of their buildings.

The third project builds on a successful project between DMU and Arup that quantified the impact of 'Scope 3' emissions, that is, the indirect environmental impacts of the University, notably travel and procurement. The aim of PROCO2 is to re-engineer procurement (Pro) and re-imagine the University thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions (CO2). Specifically the project aims to develop a sector leading ICT based decision-making tool that will enable De Montfort University (and thereafter other HEIs) to reduce emissions from Scope 3 emissions, notably procurement. The project will involve a thorough review of the impact of Scope 3 emission, a review of procurement best practice in the HEI sector, the design and construction and testing of an ICT tool to enable improved decision making around the environmental impact of suppliers, goods and services, and finally, to understand the organizational learning and change management issues surrounding such a change.

I also work at a European level. I lead a work package for an EU 'Intelligent Energy' project with Energy Cities that is concerned with evaluating the effectiveness of engagement strategies employed by municipalities when launching their Building Energy Certificates. I presented findings from the project at the European Union's 'Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) in April 2011 and am presenting findings from the DUALL project at the leading ECEEE summer study conference in their Dynamics of Consumption workshop.

I have also recently written a new MSc module on Green Business for IESD's new Energy and Industrial Sustainability MSc. Within DMU I advise and support the work of the sustainable development task force. Recently this has entailed drafting a sustainability strategy for DMU which has been adopted by the Vice Chancellors Group and Board of Governors. I work closely with Leicester City Council and the Strategic partnership, advising on climate change communication initiatives and engagement strategies, for example the Big Switch Off campaign.

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