The aim of PROCO2 is to re-engineer procurement and re-imagine the University thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Specifically we aim to develop an ICT based decision-making tool enabling De Montfort University (and thereafter other HEIs) to reduce emissions from Scope 3 emissions, notably procurement. The project will involve a review of the impact of Scope 3 emission, procurement best practice in the HEI sector, the design and construction and testing of an ICT tool to enable improved decision making around the environmental impact of suppliers, goods and services, and finally, to understand the organizational learning and change management issues surrounding such a change.

Aim: To develop an ICT tool and database that links financial and environmental accounting for procurement (scope 3 emissions) enabling decision makers and staff to understand the environmental impact of these activities and support decision-making towards sustainable procurement.


  1. To design and launch a 'user-friendly' business ICT tool connected to the financial procurement system
  2. To improve information management systems and processes and embed sustainability into the business practices
  3. To engage senior managers and procurement-related staff in behaviour change initiatives towards sustainable consumption
  4. To understand issues of organizational learning and institutional change
  5. To help DMU's suppliers understand their own environmental impact

DMU, with the help of project collaborators, Arup, are undertaking a systematic investigation into the impact of scope 3/procurement emissions. This will involve documenting and reviewing current activities and sector examples of best practice, the design of an ICT based toolkit to facilitate behaviour change and a reflection on the process of change management and a full critical evaluation of the project. It is a University wide project involving the Estates department, Information Technology, Procurement and the research led Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development. Consultancy is provided by Arup.


Attending the EAUC tomorrow...

Attending the EAUC tomorrow...

Posted: Mon, 26 Mar 2012

Excited to be heading up to York tomorrow to help present DMU & Arup's groundbreaking work on scope 3 emissions. I know you're meant to attach the slides after the presentation but figured I'd forget otherwise!

Sustainable Procurement Briefing Paper Launched

Sustainable Procurement Briefing Paper Launched

Posted: Mon, 26 Sep 2011

This briefing paper is the first output of the JISC funded project: PROCO2. The aim of PROCO2 is to explore how to re-engineer procurement and re-imagine the University thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Specifically, the project aims to develop...