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Posted: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 10:54

This exercise—carried out by the Good Deeds user group at their second meeting—is designed to focus feedback about energy use in buildings under three crucial headings: what can people in an organisation start doing, stop doing, and continue to do in order to reduce energy use. The exercise generated a wide variety of ideas (see larger image), which are listed below—some are slightly edited for clarity:


  • rewarding building uses for saving energy
  • more investment required
  • commitment.. Read More »

Tags: Good Deeds, Energy Use, behaviour change

ECEEE 2013

ECEEE 2013

Posted: Sat, 08 Jun 2013 15:59

It was a real pleasure to attend, what I believe to be, the leading energy efficiency conference - the ECEEE. I was presenting the underpinning ideas and theory we're testing in our new EPSRC project, Gooddeeds. I've attached both a link to the presentation and also uploaded the paper so you can read our emerging thinking around how building users can be viewed as a vital 'resource' for energy management in buildings, rather than a hurdle to be overcome. Much research in this area in this field either.. Read More »

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