Fourth user group meeting

Posted: Sun, 21 Jul 2013 15:17

Fourth user group meeting

User group members finally received the iPhone 4 phones chosen for the project, and used most of the session to become familiar with them. After a brief demonstration by Thom covering how to: connect to a wifi network, set a passcode lock, use iCloud backup, send a tweet, find tweets with a hastag, and a mention of the fact that 'find my phone' had been enabled, the user group posted messages via Twitter, and explored other features of the phones. Dave demonstrated how to attach a photo to a message, and the importance of the 'share' button.

The group then made suggestions on post-it notes along the following lines:

  • WHO would you like to communicate with?
  • WHAT information would you like to access?
  • HOW would you like to do these things?

which will be written up in a separate post.

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