Posted: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 10:54


This exercise—carried out by the Good Deeds user group at their second meeting—is designed to focus feedback about energy use in buildings under three crucial headings: what can people in an organisation start doing, stop doing, and continue to do in order to reduce energy use. The exercise generated a wide variety of ideas (see larger image), which are listed below—some are slightly edited for clarity:


  • rewarding building uses for saving energy
  • more investment required
  • commitment to change required
  • to make it easy for people to get involved
  • set a leading example as a local authority for others to follow
  • light sensors in corridors and toilets
  • creating a culture of responsibility
  • timer switches for devices that don't require a shutdown procedure
  • Take a greater level of individual responsibility (or be given it)
  • communicating directly with the energy team
  • introducing energy efficiency responsibility in induction
  • using data more - pass on to all employees
  • listening to building occupants
  • give people an incentive to get involved: financial? moral? gamefication?
  • more feedback from building users required
  • fit more TRVs


  • leaving computers on
  • ignoring energy wastage
  • printing off every single document
  • looking at the cheapest option short-term
  • leaving too much onus on individual users
  • to turn off equipment - they just won't do it
  • using outside engineers
  • designing equipment that appears too complicated to turn off


  • being vigilant about energy waste
  • half hourly metering
  • make car sharing easier
  • check/switch off equipment where not required
  • promote sustainability (awareness campaigns, switch off weekends, impact awareness, measures)
  • with the reporting of all faults and monitoring of such
  • collecting energy consumption data
  • monitor and report on energy wastage/exceptions implement energy efficiency measures
  • looking at solar panels roof space

In future meetings, we will be revisiting some of these ideas to discuss how to support them using social software tools.

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