DMU, Greenview and People & Planet Green League

Posted: Wed, 30 May 2012

DMU, Greenview and People & Planet Green League

People and Planet's Green League has become a major event in the life of any University's calender. DMU has consistently done well and in the last year has reached 'First Class'. This year's performance has also been exceptional - largely due to the tireless work of our Environment and Sustainability officer, Karl Letten.

We were delighted then to see on the People and Planet website that our JISC funded work developing the Greenview iPhone app is singled out by DMU as their 'proudest achievement' . For the full breakdown of DMU's performance see the link below:

Their proudest green achievement this year... The Greenview Phone Application!

The free application, which is currently available on iphones (but will soon be available for Android phone too), is an interactive way of visualising energy consumption on campus. The app shows five buildings in DMU (Queens Building, Kimberlin Library, Hugh Aston, Campus Centre, and IOCT) re-elaborated in a cartoon way and presented as endangered animal species. The electricity consumption of the buildings is displayed (and updated every half-hour) and the application gives the possibility to comment and post updates on Twitter.

The Greenview Research Group is based at De Montfort University and is a collaboration between the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, the Institute of Creative Technology and the Estates department. It was formed as a result of three research projects funded by JISC's Greening ICT programme. The common factor between all three projects is a desire to tackle the problem of environmental sustainability through increased visualization of the impacts of our individual and collective actions, notably our increasing energy use and consumption of goods and services.

The app is interactive, but in the words of his creators:

"this app alone is not going to change behaviour – all we are trying to achieve is to start a conversation and raise awareness of the problem of energy in the built environment."

To start using the free app just go on the App Store on your iPhone/iPad and search for greenview. Once it comes up in the search - just install it. It is just that easy!

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