Greenview iPhone/iPad application now available!

Posted: Mon, 19 Mar 2012

Greenview iPhone/iPad application now available!

Hi everyone,

Well, at long last I'm delighted to announce that our iphone/ipad app is now available from the iTunes store. Just search 'Greenview' and it should come up. This is result of a unique collaboration between De Montfort University's IESD and IOCT. The app allows DMU staff and students (and anyone really!) to see the electrical consumption of 5 of our buildings in a fun and different way. As a team we wanted to move away from linear, quantitative and frankly dull way! One of our team had the idea to imagine that endangered species inhabit our buildings and that their well-being is dependent on our energy consumption. We came up with three states of animation for the buildings/animals - happy, normal and sad. The animations are based on the actual 1/2hrly meter readings that every DMU building has - so what you are seeing is actual consumption figures, presented in a different way - you can of course if you like click on 'graphs' and see the data, if that's your thing. For details on how the figures are actually produced see our presentation from the RCUK DIgital Engagement Conference back in Nov 2011:

Only 5 buildings are represented this way because of the funding we had available through JISC. We hope to gain extra money to do the whole campus. We also know that this app alone is not going to change behaviour - all we are trying to achieve is to start a conversation and raise awareness of the problem of energy in the built environment. Buildings in the European Union represent approximately 40% of the gross energy consumption in Europe and emit approximately 35% of CO2 emissions. Almost 20% of the UK's entire energy consumption and CO2 emissions arise from non-domestic buildings. Estimations are that energy efficiency measures could save around 28%. A third of the energy consumed in buildings is simply wasted on lights and PCs left on! We hope this fun little app may just help you think a bit more about connection to the natural environment, to the fact that the energy we consumed is a result of the burning of non-renewable resources.


  1. Obviously keep an eye on your building, to see what's happening - is the Gorilla happily chatting over a latte or looking grumpy? Are the Bee's swarming?
  2. Tweet us! Just use the hashtag #greenviewdmu also copy in @sustainabledmu and let us know if there's anything going wrong with the building - lights left on, radiator's too hot, window left open - you know the kind of stuff that wastes energy

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