Sustainable Procurement Briefing Paper Launched

Posted: Mon, 26 Sep 2011

Sustainable Procurement Briefing Paper Launched

This briefing paper is the first output of the JISC funded project: PROCO2. The aim of PROCO2 is to explore how to re-engineer procurement and re-imagine the University thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Specifically, the project aims to develop an ICT based decision-making tool enabling De Montfort University (and thereafter other HEIs) to reduce Scope 3 emissions, notably procurement. The project will involve a review of the impact of Scope 3 emissions, procurement best practice in the HEI sector, the design and construction and testing of an ICT tool to enable improved decision making around the environmental impact of suppliers, goods and services, and finally, to understand the organizational learning and change management issues surrounding such a change.

This briefing paper sets out the landscape of sustainable procurement in 2011 by firstly providing a brief overview of the procurement function before second, reviewing definitions of sustainable procurement and giving an overview of the current policy context and range of organisations involved in sustainable procurement. Third and finally, the paper will show the potential for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions through more sustainable management of procurement decisions. This section takes the form of a case study of De Montfort University that should be illustrative and instructive for other Higher Education Institutions.

To view the document and download the pdf go to the documents section on the right of the Proco2 front page under "RESOURCES".

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