Monica Pianosi


Research student @ IESD, De Montfort University

The Living Lab. Enhancing environmental citizenship and reducing energy consumption through creative engagement with building users.

Monica joined IESD in October 2010 as a full time PhD research student, working within the Living Lab Project under the supervision of Dr. Richard Bull (IESD) and Prof. Martin Rieser (Institute of Creative Technologies). The aim of Living Lab is to take the existing Queens Building and transform it into a 'living example' of the sustainability and energy efficiency. Adopting a socio-technical and creative approach, Monica's research will explore new, creative and innovative expressions of public engagement with building users to understand and respond to the challenge of reducing energy carbon emissions by up to 80% by 2050.

Monica graduated with merit in Architecture in 2009 with a design thesis from Turin Polytechnic (Italy). Prior to joining IESD, she worked as an architect for one year at Nuova Ordentra, a design studio based in Turin and New York, whose philosophy is to develop conceptual tools able to deal creatively with the complexity of contemporary urban life. During this period she participated in numerous projects, such as the design and construction of Toolbox, a new centre for co-working situated in Turin, and the Onion Pinch installation presented at the Design Biennal Experimenta Design09 in Lisbon.

Monica had worked as tutor during the international workshop "Re-vitalisation in Turin" organized by St. John International University (Vinovo, Italy) in collaboration with Chaoyang University of Taiwan and Turin Polytechnic.