The DUALL project will develop a socio-technical, deliberative approach enabling users of a large-scale, public-sector building to understand the potential for ICT to reduce energy consumption. The project will identify the approaches that enable both individuals and teams to access data about energy consumption, and the mechanisms that those users choose in order to change their behaviour. Key deliverables include a process-map for the deliberative process and the design of an ICT interface that connects building users to their electricity consumption.

The aim of DUALL is to understand the role of ICT in reducing energy consumption of a large scale public building through the design of a socio-technical ICT interface connecting building users to their electricity consumption.

Specific objectives inc.

  1. To design and test an ICT tool connecting building users to their energy consumption
  2. To engage in an innovative, deliberative upstream approach in the design of the application
  3. To understand the extent to which building users can impact the performance of the environment they are in

The centrepiece of DUALL will be the development and design of an ICT/web based interface that will provide building users with real-time information on the energy/ICT consumption of the Queens Building. It will translate the half-hourly meter readings from the building and present the information in a format that the community of practice have helped design.

Website: http://duall.dmu.ac.uk/


ECEEE Presentation

ECEEE Presentation

Posted: Thu, 26 May 2011

Finally finished my poster today for the ECEEE summer study conference. See attached...